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When the half-vampire, half-human Nessy flees the underworld of vampires, she meets Charles and his coven and soon learns the ways and teachings of a brand new world. After quickly falling in love with Charles, the two of them form a bond that will capture and seal them together for eternity – but with the threat of her former kin constantly at their heels, will she succeed in banishing her tormentors from the earth for good…?


New and exciting novel. Romantic and imaginative where Ashley says all the things we wished we could be brave enough to say to our partners.
William is strong muscular and powerful and will protect Ashley with his life. Each having powers with duties they were chosen to fulfill.

Vanquished is available to buy through waterstones, authorhouse and amazon.

Support me in my amazing adventure and buy this new novel. It will be the most imaginative read you will have to start this year xx